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Decal kit for all makes of dumper. 20 decals as follows:

1 x Hydraulic tank decal.

1 x Diesel tank fuel decal.

1 x Forward / reverse decal for switch for dashboard on torque convertor models.

1 x TIP - HOLD - RETURN decal for tipping lever on straight skip models.

2 x WARNING - CRUSH ZONE decal for centre articulated dumpers.

1 x WARNING - Mineral brake fluid only (for all British dumpers)

1 x WARNING Do not apply parking brake if dumper is moving etc decal

1 x WARNING - Do not discharge load to sides of dumper when working on uneven / sloping ground decal


1 x DO NOT PUSH decal

1 x Gear shift decal 1, 2 ,3 and Reverse decal (for manual boxes)

1 x Torque convertor shift pattern decal

1 x Swivel skip rotational / directional decal

1 x WARNING - towing conditions decal

1 x Before using this machine, read the operators manual etc decal

2 x WARNING - Do not work under unpropped skip decals

Compatibility: General Dumper Spare

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